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Budding Entrepreneurs

Term 3 marked the beginning of Monash Tech School’s new program partnered with Eastern Innovation, VCE Business Management Masterclass. Students had the opportunity to get a head start into Unit 2 Business Management through learning through the lens of an entrepreneur. Facilitated by two industry expert speakers, students contextualised concepts learned in school with real-life scenarios.

Kicking off Term 3 and the start of Unit 2 with a bang, Unit 1 & 2 Business Management students from Wheelers Hill Secondary College (WHSC) and Wellington Secondary College (WSC) participated in a one-day intensive of concepts taught in Unit 2. Hosted by Eastern Innovations, students were exposed to a multitude of pathways and industries should they choose to continue their business journey by their CEO, Allira Cundy.

Sharon Crombie, CEO of financial advisory and bookkeeping service Microchilli, was the first speaker of the day, providing students with an understanding of important financial record-keeping considerations when establishing a business. Bringing their knowledge of Unit 1 into the program, students create a business that they are passionate in and simulate the growth of a business by going through concepts such as how to register it, what financial control systems should be in place and the importance of marketing their product to a target audience.

Following this, students furthered their knowledge of the legal requirements of establishing a business with Dr. Mitchell Adams, course director and senior lecturer of Swinburne Law School. Students were taken through the steps of legally establishing their business and then the importance of branding and trademarks within a business. Mitchell imparted the importance of outsourcing the legal requirements of a business to external professionals, how intellectual property has been used and how entrepreneurs can effectively use intellectual property to market their business.

Video lessons from entrepreneurs from Eastern Innovation are currently in the works, allowing teachers and students to easily digestible and accessible content that supplements student learning outcomes from Unit 1.

Feedback for the launch of this program has been overwhelmingly positive, with 88% of students stating that they have learned something new, 86% believing they have meaningfully used technology to facilitate their learning, and 78% confident that they learned skills that allow them to solve real-world problems. A great start to the program, and we look forward to its 2024 delivery!

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