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Rail Academy

In Term 4, 21 students from Ashwood School travelled to Rail Academy in Newport to work with the staff from the Level Crossing Removal Project.

These Year 7 and 8 students engaged in a day filled with insightful activities aimed at broadening their understanding of rail projects and potential career paths. The event provided an immersive experience that combined education with hands-on exploration.

Students unleashed their creativity in the station design activity by conceptualising and designing their own train stations. This exercise not only encouraged artistic expression but also prompted students to consider the environmental impact of their choices, fostering a holistic approach to urban development. To further enhance their understanding of infrastructure, students participated in a simulation activity focused on the construction of a bridge. This hands-on experience allowed them to grasp the practical steps involved in building crucial elements of railway infrastructure, providing valuable insights into the engineering aspects of rail projects.

An exciting moment for the students was the opportunity to explore a High Capacity Metro Train (HCMT). This involved not only observing the train but also getting firsthand experience by sitting in the driver's cab and interacting with the controls. The chance to press buttons and engage with the operational aspects of the train added a dynamic and memorable dimension to the students' exploration of rail careers.

Overall, the day proved to be both educational and enjoyable, offering students a glimpse into the diverse aspects of rail projects and the daily life of professionals in the field. The Level Crossing Removal Project staff worked hard to ensure that the day was a success, and we express our gratitude for their ongoing collaboration in enriching the educational journeys of our specialist school students.

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