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Celebrating the Monash Mini Maker Faire!

After months of anticipation, the Monash Mini Maker Faire finally arrived this past Sunday! A community celebration of all things 'maker', this event was organised by Monash Tech School and the City of Monash, with support from Monash University.

Local makers from across the Monash community came to show off their creations with the attendees, and share their knowledge of making. From blacksmithing to robotics to tailoring, it was an amazing coming together of Makers with a range of skills and talents. The faire saw the Monash Tech School facility transformed into a gallery of ingenuity, with student groups, video game developers, and exhibits run by our own staff. 

We also held the grand finale for our Marvellous Machines program! With the audience of attendees eagerly watching, the teams, who had spent the last 6 months working on their Rube Goldberg machines, finally had a chance to demonstrate their wonderful creations at work. Despite some breakdowns and broken eggs, it was a brilliant display of engineering, and a real accomplishment for the students to complete the journey. Congratulations to 'Galaxy Z' from Glen Waverley Secondary College for winning the competition!

It was such a great experience putting together the faire, and we can't wait to do it again next year for Monash Mini Maker Faire 2020!

written by Dylan Bruce

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