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A collaborative partnership that enriches students’ understanding of inclusive employment options and career pathways in entrepreneurship.

Monash Business School’s Opportunity Tech Lab’s “Inclusivator'' project uses novel digital technologies — specifically Virtual Reality — to support neuro-minorities in taking advantage of existing Entrepreneurship programs. The project also aims to make the Entrepreneurship ecosystem more inclusive of neuro-minorities by enabling investors and customers to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of neurodiverse perspectives.

The “Inclusivator” is being developed through a transdisciplinary and co-design approach and fills a gap not met by traditional disability support using reasonable adjustments to educational material and contexts. The “Inclusivator” project will assist all neuro-minority and neuro-majority students in learning and practicing social business skills. It will also assist all neuro-minority and neuro-majority students to experience different “neuro-perspectives” with a view to better leverage those perspectives in Entrepreneurship activities.

To read more about the goals of the project and links to our strategic plan, visit the Inclusivator Showcase on the Partners page of our website.

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