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National Science Week

SciVR In support of our friends at OzGrav, we distributed VR Headsets and promoted their VR activities.

Make Your Own

Soft Robots Inspired by the theme ‘Oceans’, using our fleet of 3D printers, we created and posted 20 kits for registrants to use as they engineered their own soft robots.

Marine Ecosystem Building in CoSpaces Participants learnt about the ocean and designed their seafloor using a collaborative online 3D tool.

Ocean Nation (a special podcast) What if the Ocean was a patient awaiting a diagnosis? How would the ocean’s health be tested, diagnosed and treated? What is the medical history of the patient? Monash Tech School endeavours to understand and explain the current state of the water that surrounds our nation. Contributions by Professor Richard Reina (Head of Ecophysiology; Conservation Research Group Education Director, Monash University), Sue Graham (Phillip Island Nature Parks Ranger), and Dr. Paul Harrison (Chief Scientist and co-founder of Mainstream Aquaculture).

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