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Our first Future of Work Careers Tour

Last week we hosted our first-ever Future of Work Careers Tour. All of the team here really enjoyed the day and think it was a success but most importantly we’re sure teachers and those who attended also learnt a lot. On the day participants were given the opportunity to learn about the possible career paths students can take and the skill-set required, the kind of work undertaken by companies within the biomedical and biotechnology industry and what the industry is like to work in. Just to prove how great the day was, have a read of what one of the Monash University Pre-Service Teachers took away from the day.

I had the privilege of attending The Future of Work Careers Tour: Opportunities in Biotechnology and High-Tech Life Sciences on Thursday, 1 March 2018. Hosted by Monash Tech School, this event highlighted the growing job opportunities in the fields of Biomedical and Biotechnology Sectors. In addition to other pre-service teachers such as myself, the event invited students and career and subject teachers to immerse themselves in a full day of exciting new experiences.

Experts in product design, engineering and manufacturing, our Tour of MiniFAB highlighted the engineering, biochemical and industrial design job sectors. It was fascinating to learn that current research being conducted at MiniFab revolves around the invention and creation of a Bionic Eye. Additionally, the high-tech workplace of Agilent Technologies, our second tour location, exposed us to the processes involved in product research and testing, to assure safety.

Finally, situated on Monash University Clayton Campus, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) wowed us with their research into regenerative capabilities and the biomedical sector. In addition to learning about zebrafish and the contribution of axolotl research and regenerative properties, it was touching to know that ARMI currently breeds Leatherback turtles as part of a conservation project.

While our day consisted of informed walking tours and presentations, The Foundation of Young Australians (FYA) provided us with insight into the changing careers for youth. As a pre-service teacher, I found it rewarding to learn that the future of the job sector involves professions that are inter-disciplinary. With this being said, it is therefore beneficial to expose young Australians to a multitude of skills, allowing for flexible work professions.

The Future of Work Careers Tour provided insight into future job opportunities that I would have previously never considered. As a pre-service teacher, I am now able to recognize the multi-faceted workplace and job professions of the future, and I can use this information to inform my further learning and teaching. I thank Monash Tech School for this opportunity.

written by Nicole Narain

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