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Our New Temporary Site

On Friday 26 May we formally received the keys to our Temporary teaching spaces at Federation Training’s Chadstone campus.  The temporary facility comprises three dedicated teaching areas in addition to storage and office space for the team. 

In designing this space the MTS Steering Committee and Architects for the build, Brand Architects, sought to create an open flexible learning environment and we have to say this brief was very much met as the images show.  This flexible theme has been maintained with the installation of movable work tables, lightweight but sturdy seating and a custom designed AV set-up which utilises 8 screens and two projectors.  Each screen and projector can display the same image or different images literally with the click of a button providing teaching staff with the ability to address individual student teams or the class as a whole.

Following handover we have also been busy installing the various technologies we will use in delivering programs.  Reflecting the focus on flexible design thinking, Monash Tech School resembles a maker space rather than a classroom.  Students can elect to use electronic kits; CNC milling machines; CNC laser cutters; or different types of 3D printers to build and test prototypes.  They can analyse materials at the micron scale to better understand their manufacture and potential to form part of the solution or simply to determine where problems may exist within existing products.

While at the school, students will participate in a variety of activities and use numerous technologies and resource libraries (physical and virtual) to research problem, develop and build prototypes and ultimately present their solution to peers, teachers, industry and researchers.

Finally, we have designed the space to allow it to be used as an exhibition space, hackathon location or as a maker space for hobbyists and the broader Monash community.  We will be investigating these options over 2017 and welcome any enquiries to

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