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Partnering with Clayton Library: Clayton Festival

On Sunday 18th of February, Monash Tech School led a Sphero Robot Obstacle course for families and children in the Clayton Library, as part of the City of Monash Clayton Festival & Hawkers Night Market. Ashley, Tat, Chava, and Pavneet facilitated the afternoon which allowed children to participate in 6 different obstacle courses and also perform coding for the Spheros.

Each child used a Sphero Robot controlled by an iPad to drive the Sphero to complete the obstacle. There was a range of obstacles some more difficult than others, such as one which involves getting a Sphero up a ramp and around a loop, which then sounds a buzzer once the Sphero makes it into the hole and completes the course. The games were fun and challenging at the same time, which had children very engaged and trying hard to complete all the obstacles.

A tutorial on how to code was also set up for children who wanted to attempt something more challenging. Children had an attempt at coding their Spheros on their speed, direction and movement. Kids found this activity fun and interesting as they were able to control their Spheros better and see what they could change to get the best results to complete each obstacle.

The afternoon was very rewarding, and parents also got involved, amazed by the Sphero Technology, and loved watching their kids play and complete the Sphero course. Chava and Ashley were swarmed with questions regarding the Tech School by the end of the day.

We had an awesome time and it was great having the chance to meet younger families in the community and to spread awareness of what Monash Tech School is doing and getting students excited for when they have the opportunity to visit the tech school in the years to come.

written by Pavneet Heer

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