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Superminds - 'You be the Judge'

Recently, the VCE Legal Studies Superminds program ran during Term 2. Designed and delivered by Mitchell Adams (industry expert and trade marks attorney), this program put students in the seat of a federal court judge to decide trade mark infringement with the aid of Augmented Reality technology.

After returning back on site at Monash Tech School this year, the Superminds program developed students understanding of key concepts in civil law. The program focused on trade mark law, a specific area of intellectual property law.

Innovative goods and services across Victoria's Priority Sectors need distinctive trade marks so consumers will keep purchasing them. Whether it be in the Creative Industries, Digital Technologies, Food and Fibre, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals, New Energy Technologies, Transport Technologies, or Space Technologies, companies need trade marks to stand out in the marketplace.

Trade mark law also assists in helping businesses and companies protect their trade marks from being copied by others.

After delivering a introduction to trade mark law, Mitchell delivered a workshop with the students entitled ‘You be the judge’. Students compared alleged infringing trade marks using Augmented Reality, deciding whether there was infringement or not.

Whether it was ‘Twisties’ vs ‘Cheesey Twists’ or ‘In-N-Out Burger’ vs ‘Down-N-Out Burger’, students compared the trade marks and delivered their final judgement to the rest of the class.

Mitchell says that ‘the technology available at Monash Tech School makes the study of law more engaging and hands-on. Students were truly engaged, helping each other explore complex issues and develop arguments’.

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