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Superskills lands in its adaptive nature across Victoria.

Superskills started strongly this year at Beechworth Secondary College (BSC). Adapted to become part of their senior schools careers education, senior students experienced 8 of our Superskills modules that had been expanded to focus on pathways to employment. Superskills has also hit the ground running this Term at Heathmont Secondary College (HSC). With the ongoing support and work of Programs Ambassador Bonnie Ahles all Year 7 students at Heathmont Secondary College (HSC) have experienced the Cyborg Psychologist module, with the Year 8 cohort set to participate in the Biomimicry Innovator module later this Term.

Superskills modules have been designed to showcase new and upcoming industry sectors - exposing students to jobs of the future and their associated skill sets. Superskills modules are an engaging way for students to participate in thought-provoking activities that complement the curriculum and expand their careers education. In 2023 we have been able to work with both BSC and HSC to create bespoke educational solutions using our Superskills modules.

At BSC, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 took part in Superskills that aligned with their career aspirations. The chosen modules gave students a window into new careers associated with their current passions and skill sets and also provided them with localised pathways into employment within emerging industries. The online nature of the modules and their activities also worked to improve the students’ digital literacy.

In Term 1 HSC Year 7, students had been following the design thinking process first to explore ways in which technology can be developed to improve quality of life and then to produce a purpose-built wheelchair for all terrain. The Cyborg Psychologist module, which all students participated in, was the perfect end to this unit of work as it helped to tie important skills such as empathy and human-centred design into a future career, allowing students to imagine themselves using their newly developed capabilities long after they leave the classroom.

We are looking forward to welcoming the HSC Year 8 students into our Online Superskills Classroom at the end of Term 3!

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