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Thank You

MTS team and Steering Committee wishes to express their sincere thanks to a number of groups who have been critical in establishing the Monash Tech School. Harris HMC the builder for the project did a fantastic job transforming an entire floor of a building from a conference facility to the MTS teaching space (before and after photos included below) in 22 days. The quality and finish of the space is of an exceptionally high standard. Thanks also to Federation Training who have provided ongoing assistance in regards to access to the space, assisting in getting our machinery up onto Level 2 and working with us to identify and remedy minor faults and issues.

A particular thanks must be given to Monash University, particularly the eSolutions and AV groups. These groups worked with us to develop a custom solution for both the AV system in the space and also for establishing the MTS network and connection back to Monash. This solution is unique to MTS and has essentially established the school as a satellite of Monash University campus. This solution demonstrates the exceptional abilities of this team within Monash University to design and meet what was an extremely tight timeframe. In addition to the network solution, the AV system installed provides considerable flexibility and will greatly enhance our ability to demonstrate key principles to students attending Monash Tech School. Finally, we also need to express our thanks to Monash University and their procurement team who have again worked tirelessly to ensure that we have not only the ground-breaking tech in the school but an actual office and computers to allow us as a team to work most effectively.

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