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Challenges & Competitions - Year in Review

The pandemic saw the early cancellation of several external activities, leaving Monash Tech School with both a conundrum and an opportunity. We asked, how might we harness the work and passion of students in an online environment while grappling with a new mode of learning?

Our answer was to offer a suite of online competitions and challenges designed to scaffold our students’ core work through online learning phases.

Challenges and Competitions • Academy of Enterprising Girls • MTS Video Game Jam • Coronavirus Challenge • Coronavirus Student Design Competition • iAwards • Pitch 2 Panel Events

The Pitch 2 Panel events demonstrated the quality outcomes that student participation in Monash Tech School online programs generated and it parachuted industry stakeholders directly into the virtual classroom environment.

Our determination to deliver fun and positive industry experiences for students to showcase their work resulted in positive feedback from key partners:

“In my interactions with local businesses, they often raise the issue of talent stream and their perceived difficulty in recruiting talent with work-ready, adaptive soft skills rather than the technical know-how. To see local secondary students come up with such creative projects, to have undertaken market research, designed solutions and pitched in such a competent way will provide me with great stories to instil hope in local businesses about the talents of the students coming through.” - Paula Brennan - City of Monash Economic Development Unit

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