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Digital Badges

A digital badge or micro-credential is a digital representation of acquired knowledge, skills, and achievements. More concise than a full course or unit of competency, a digital badge verifies a specific experience, outcome or skill that a person has acquired.

Digital badges are growing in recognition, with many key organisations and tertiary providers issuing them as a way of acknowledging competencies, skills and experiences.

Digital badges represent achievements and skills that are valued by employers and are meaningful additions to websites, resumes, social media pages and professional profiles such as LinkedIn. They can also demonstrate specific industry insights that a young person can bring to a workplace and are particularly useful for students who are yet to have built a comprehensive resume.

Badges can reflect technical, enterprise and human skills and are a great way to summarise an MTS Industry Immersion experience. MTS has recognised that offering a co-branded digital badge can provide students with a careers and pathways artefact that accurately reflects their Immersion experience and supports students in building meaningful and relevant resumes at an earlier age.

Monash Tech School issues digital badges for specific programs such as Industry Immersions and Professional Learning. Our badges are issued through the Credly platform, and students save their badges in a lifelong digital backpack.

We have also recognised the need for professionals who have volunteered their expertise to earn a badge that reflects their contribution to MTS programs and Immersions. Badges have been issued to professionals who have supported Career Launchpad World Changers and Pitch 2 Panels.

Digital badges are currently issued to students participating in Superbots, Health Industries, Smart Foods, Pitch 2 Panel and Rail Projects HQ Specialist Schools Industry Immersions. We will continue to expand the suite of digital badges in 2023, with new partners co-designing Immersions and joining the badge program.

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