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Exploring all things trains at Metro Tunnel HQ

This month, students from both Monash Special Developmental School and Ashwood School have travelled to Metro Tunnel HQ to explore all things rail projects.

These two Industry Immersion events allowed students to explore Victoria’s Big Build and local train transportation through activities led by Metro Tunnel HQ and Level Crossing Removal Project.

In Metro Tunnel HQ’s education centre, students used technologies such as Ozobots, LittleBits and Augmented Reality to discover how train signalling really works. Students built their own tracks for Ozobots and watched as they travelled through the courses they had created. Students used their creativity to colour in their own train designs and then viewed them through Augmented Reality. Level Crossing Removal Project brought along LittleBits technologies that allowed students to use lights and circuits to understand train signalling in an easy-to-understand and hands on way.

Students also had the opportunity to explore Metro Tunnel HQ’s interactive visitor centre. Here, students used Virtual Reality headsets to tour the stations launching in the new Metro Tunnel. Games and interactive exhibits allowed the students to explore the inner workings of Melbourne’s rail systems in different ways.

Both Industry Immersions were extremely successful and saw students from both schools positively engaging with STEM technologies whilst learning more about local rail transportation. We are proud of our partnership with Metro Tunnel HQ and Level Crossing Removal Project and thank them for their work in creating yet another successful Industry Immersion experience for our Specialist Education partner schools.

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