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Graeme Clark Oration

Engaging with the Public and the Biomedical Industry

As a sponsor for the Graeme Clark Oration, the Monash Tech School team attended the 2022 Graeme Clark Oration at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

MTS put together and presented an exhibit in the Biomedical Showcase prior to the Oration. The exhibit contained displays and content surrounding using biomedical and biological expertise within MTS programs.

Following the showcase, the team attended the Oration, where Dr Natalia Trayanova presented her research and applications surrounding innovations in cardiac imaging assisting the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dr Trayanova was an engaging presenter who left the team excited about hosting the Graeme Clark Oration Schools event at Monash Tech School in the following days. A dinner followed the Oration, which provided an opportunity for a further Q&A session with Dr Trayanova.

Some MTS staff members also attended the Oration breakfast the following day, which enabled constructive conversations to occur with other industry professionals and Dr Trayanova herself.

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