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Healthcare of the future with Holmesglen

In the Year 9 Superhealth program students visit the Holmesglen Moorabbin campus, where they take part in activities which teach them the nature of the existing healthcare system in Victoria, and how the TAFE prepares its students to enter this high-pressure field of work.

During this visit, students are introduced to the $250,000 humanoid simulation aid robot and learn about and the important role it can play in training healthcare professionals. The advanced technology of it allows aspiring nursing students

to practice dealing with critical life or death scenarios, which previous generations of nurses would not have had the ability to attempt. The visit to Holmesglen opens students eyes to how advanced training of the medical profession has become. The use of robots to assist in practising drills would have once seemed preposterous and may still seem

preposterous to some. This research aspect of this program primes students to

compare the existing healthcare system to the projected future and other possible futures of it.

The Superhealth program draws on design thinking when it challenges students to

incorporate several technologies into a hospital plan to improve patient outcomes. The visit to Holmesglen introduces students to the use of new ideas and technology, and how it has successfully improved the training of aspiring nurses. As such, this tour gives students a unique opportunity to interact with creative professionals working to improve the quality of the health professionals working in our hospitals. Students are able to see a successful attempt at utilising cutting-edge technologies when seeing the simulation aid robot. Monash Tech School encourages students to incorporate this new-found knowledge when designing a hospital for the population of their assigned local government areas.

Students complete the research and empathy stage of the program at the Holmesglen facility, while the ideation, prototyping, and testing stages of the design thinking model are completed back at Monash Tech School. Students are encouraged to remember their experiences at Holmesglen while they are introduced to the simulation aid robot and other advanced technologies at Monash Tech School, which enables the facilitators to push their students to create a more sophisticated solution to the challenge of improving healthcare for their regions.

written by Sherin George

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