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Makerspace Workshops commence with Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School

Last Friday Monash Tech School welcomed a group of teachers from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School for a Makerspace Workshop. This was our first fee-for-service workshop outside of the usual Monash Tech School Professional Development Program.

The teachers had a chance to experience the range of technologies used at Monash Tech School, including VR, 3D Printing and laser cutting. Using what they’d learnt, they were able to design a pencil holder and a keychain, which would then be created and taken home as souvenirs.m

As well as developing an understanding of technologies education, the teachers were also taken through some of the Monash Tech School teaching and reflection methods, learning how we use modern teaching practices to make the most of students’ time here.

We hope the visiting teachers from Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School had a great day, and we look forward to hearing about how they’ve used what they learnt here back at school.

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