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Melbourne RoboCats #5648 Season Wrap-up

The Melbourne RoboCats wrapped up their build season for 2021 on Saturday 10th April. The RoboCats is the only all-girls FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team in Victoria, and they strive to encourage and empower girls to pursue STEAM careers.

This year’s competition was a repeat from last year due to COVID-19, and so this session enabled the girls to focus on fixing up and improving Luna, last year’s robot. While there is no official competition this year, the girls are excited to attend an Australian organised FRC event in Sydney in early May.

As well as working on the robot this year, the girls revamped the website and designed their own FRC game. The game was called ‘Climate Collision’, focusing on climate change and manipulating the four elements, earth, water, fire and air. In Climate Collision, two Alliances feud over who is the most powerful force; Fire or Water. They race to collect and score boulders to fortify either their snow mountain or fiery volcano for maximum protection against an ever-looming sandstorm.

While this season may have been different from the rest, the team focused on designing, advertising and refining their robot.

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