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Showcasing Healthcare Pathways

Our Holmesglen Health Showcase Industry Immersion saw students build up their knowledge of the healthcare industry by actively participating in rotations led by industry experts at Holmesglen.

Year 10 and 11 students from Highvale Secondary College and South Oakleigh Secondary College visited Holmesglen Institute this week to discover the variety of pathways into the healthcare industry. 

To kick off the career exploration, students broke into three groups and explored rotations focusing on allied health, pathology and laboratory techniques. The allied health rotation saw students look at different eye tests, the use of crutches and walking aids, and pulse monitoring pre and post-exercise. Then, students looked into pathology techniques such as correct labelling of samples, blood tests and aliquoting. The laboratory rotations saw students examine samples, including their own cheek cells, under a stereo microscope. 

A panel of current Holmesglen students provided context on what learning in a TAFE environment is like and showcased just how many options are available for pathways into the healthcare industry. The members of the panel showcased to students different avenues to TAFE and further study and linked courses and interests to career opportunities. 

In the afternoon, students explored a nursing escape room and the use of simulations in training industry professionals. The escape room saw students work together with Holmesglen nursing students to open locks to allow the patient to leave the ward. The room provided a narrative for students to follow along with and applied insights from current nursing students alongside student knowledge of escape rooms and puzzles. The exploration of simulations allowed students to understand the role of simulated training in healthcare. Students engaged with simulation technology and learnt about life-saving techniques such as CPR and defibrillators. 

Participating students received a Monash Tech School and Holmesglen co-branded digital badge to display the skills and knowledge they had acquired throughout the day. With such depth and range in the rotation activities, the badge is a valuable tool to explain the student's achievements overall. 

The day was a successful demonstration of multiple areas in the healthcare industry and provided students with an invaluable opportunity to understand what a career in healthcare could look like for them. 

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