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STAV VicPhysics VCE Conference

Our professional placement students Vanessa Wong and Loren Botica from Swinburne University, led the development of the VCE Physics Conference 2021 website for our partner VicPhysics.

The conference solution was designed from the ground up and is incorporated into the Monash Tech School website. This module expands our website’s capability and provides the potential for Monash Tech School to host similar Virtual Conferences in the future.

The solution features:

  • Keynotes Speaker information

  • Live Session information

  • On-Demand pre-recorded materials

  • Presenters Directory

  • Sponsors Page

Notably, this solution elevates Monash Tech School’s presence among the STEM Community in Victoria. We envisage increased awareness of the Tech Schools Initiative among teachers and industry sponsors due to being the solution architects of this teacher professional learning event.

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