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The Bureau Industry Immersion

The pilot of our Bureau Industry Immersion launched this week on World Environment Day. 

Students from Wellington Secondary College and Brentwood Secondary College visited the Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre at Broadmeadows to explore the range of careers and pathways in the meteorology and climate sectors. 

Students rotated through activities surrounding atmospheric structure, climate forecasting and observation systems. Led by experts from the Bureau of Meteorology, the activities gave students insights into what technical equipment and skills are used every day in the sector. 

The climate rotation saw students learn about long-range forecasting systems and develop a presentation for different stakeholders to explain the forecast. Students had to take into account background information on different groups and consider what different stakeholders use long-range forecasts for, such as energy, tourism, health and agriculture. 

Observations and technical activities allowed students to cover manual and automatic observations and learn how to read and interpret both. Students explored technical training equipment at the Bureau of Meteorology and looked into how each different piece of equipment records unique observations. 

Students explored atmospheric structure by investigating the structure and different kinds of clouds. They analysed thermodynamic diagrams to infer the presence or absence of clouds and precipitation. 

A careers and pathways session with an industry panel allowed students to ask questions of professionals working on weather stations around the world. Technical officers and engineers from Giles, Willis Island, and two Antarctica stations dialled into the session to be interviewed about their career journeys. Students were highly engaged and asked a range of questions about life on weather stations, working remotely and qualifications. 

The day was tied together by presenting the students with a digital badge co-branded alongside the Bureau of Meteorology. The badge certifies the skills and knowledge acquired during the day’s rotations. 

Students were surveyed, and 100% of attending students learnt something new during the session. The Immersion was an exciting pilot launch that allowed students to gain many insights into meteorology and climate sectors, as well as careers at the Bureau of Meteorology.

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