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Podcast Series: Partnering with Roadmap Education

Monash Tech School has partnered with Roadmap Education to produce a series of STEM-focused podcast episodes highlighting career and study opportunities within Victoria’s priority sectors.

Roadmap Education’s Kim Whitty is a passionate careers teacher. She has developed standalone podcast chats for secondary school students that feature current tertiary students, graduates, young people in entry-level roles and their supervisors. Kim delves into the interviewee’s own career story and teases out the study options, job roles, early career influences, tips and advice that have allowed the interviewee to make informed career decisions.

We have worked with Kim to connect her podcasts with the Victorian priority sectors to allow students to hear directly from people working in each industry. At the beginning of each podcast, Kim interviews the supervisor or Manager to provide broad organisational and industry context before interviewing the young person in detail.

The episodes provide a good cross reference of Victorian and Monash Precinct priority sectors, including Food & Fibre, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Building & Construction, Cybersecurity and Space Industries, and include interviews with young people who have pursued both TAFE and University pathways. We have carefully selected our young people to provide a good cross reference of job roles and have paid particular attention to providing representation from a number of our priority cohorts.

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