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Puzzling Play Returns

With the support of the Arconic Foundation, Monash Tech School is bringing the Puzzling Play program back in 2020 with an increased scope.

Last week, fifty-one year nine students from Brentwood Secondary College and Wellington Secondary College started engaging in the design process to create an escape room that conveys a message about waste and sustainability.

An escape room is an entertainment space that is designed for participants to collaboratively solve puzzles in order to "escape" in a given time. Designing an escape room provides a rich opportunity for students to explore and develop their creativity, critical thinking, and empathy, as well as combine curriculum areas of humanities, science and technology.

Students were invited to ‘EscapeXperience’ in Oakleigh South to reflect on their own experience as part of the design process. Following this, they spent two days at Monash Tech School exploring puzzles and prototyping their own puzzle boxes.

We are looking forward to working closely with our partner schools in supporting the student's escape room creations, ready for presentation.

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